Sticker Screwup Leads To Promotion

Experience Snowboards, a retailer in Angel Fire, New Mexico was the brains behind the “Free Taos” bumper-sticker campaign aimed at pushing the nearby ski-only holdout resort to open its slopes to snowboarders. And, although not the main point of the exercise, the 500 bumpers stickers, stomp pads, and 150 T-shirts carrying the slogan that are sold each year also created a nice little sum of cash.

So mid season, the store decided to expand its range and ordered several-hundred regular two-inch by three-inch stickers from its usual Midwestern supplier.

Although the printer was told to follow artwork from the bumper stickers, someone-presumably seeing the New Mexico address-got a little confused. It wasn’t until the new stickers were delivered and actually put on display that the staff at Experience noticed they in fact read “Free Tacos.”

“We thought it was so funny we nearly wet ourselves,” says Michael Johnstone, a co-owner of the store. “Instead of shipping them back, we held an end-of-season customer-appreciation party, handed out the stickers, and of course gave everyone a free taco.”