Step: Freestyle Basics Surviving the learning curve.


Before you jump anything, take a look at itand check out the landing. It’s also a good idea to ride over the jump slowly just to see how much speedyou’ll need. When getting started, avoid gap-type jumps where the consequences of a botched landing arehigh. Instead, start with catwalks and tabletops. How to: Approach the jump in a balanced position withyour knees bent, carrying enough speed to reach the landing (you’ll have to guess at this until you have moreexperience).

As you get close to the lip, stand strong. Your legs should be flexed but firm-not Jell-O. Whenyou become airborne, stay balanced by bending your legs-bringing your board up-and lowering your arms,and focus on where you want to land. Before touching down, extend your legs again so you have their wholelength to compress and absorb the impact of landing. -T.M. Photos: (Top) Matt Power, (Sequence) JamesCassimus cappies- Hands down, board up, for stability. Focus on the landing and let your legs do the work.Editor’s note: We tried to get Travis to go smaller, for demonstration purposes, but he can’t. He only goesbig. Your first jumps shouldn’t be quite as large as this one.