June 16, 2003—The first annual “State of the European Boardsports Industry” Presentation will take place at summer ispo, June 29- July 1 at 1 p.m., daily, presented by Label Networks and Boardsports ‘Source’ Magazine in co-operation with ispo. All boardsports retailers, manufacturers, buyers, distributors, media, and attendees who are interested in the influential and popular boardsports industry are encouraged to attend and gain critical knowledge from key research findings based on fresh results from the first Pan-European Boardsports Retailer Study.

Boardsports retailers from countries across Europe have participated in this research study for the past 2 months from which topline findings will be showcased and explained from a unique Pan-European perspective. In an effort to share fresh data that’s vital for the boardsports industry, this presentation will also illustrate the value of this research and how it can apply to all businesses in the boardsports marketplace.

“We anticipate this presentation to be one of the most interesting at summer ispo because it’s showcasing never-before revealed information,” says ispo director, Peter Knoll. “Boardsports continues to influence many markets, particularly youth fashion, and the results of this study presented here at ispo will be the first time that Europeans will have an in-depth analysis of the details of what makes up this marketplace across cultures with a glimpse of the future.”

Pre-register today in order to see the current results of this ground breaking study at, http://www.labelnetworks.com/register.html. The presentation is free for those boardsports retailers who have completed the European Boardsports Retailer Study survey. Boardsports retailers can still participate by completing the survey online at www.boardsportsource.com/retailsurvey.html or at ispo at the EuroSIMA bar. Cost for attending the presentation is '¬150, however those who attend receive a '¬150 discount towards purchasing the final, 4-color, European Boardsports Retailer Study, retailing at '¬1,500. The presentation is 90 minutes, including a Q&A session, and takes place in conference room B41. Study purchases will be available at the show.

Presentation topics include topline results profiling the state of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, including:

o Top-selling brands in each sporting genre

o Volume of sales on hardgoods, softgoods, accessories

o Changes in volume of sales

o Brand influences

o Key influences on retailers choices to carry brands

o Use of internet and sales volume

o Customer profiles in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing

o Projected growth opportunities in each sport

o Insider knowledge about the changing landscape of the board sports industry

o Trends and influences in board sports

o Where the greatest challenges lie: dying markets; new markets

o The ripple effect of the influential boardsports industry on other lifestyles

o Future concerns from retailers on the state of the industry

The European Board Sports Retailer Study will provide all boardsports businesses, including global brands and media, with a valuable business tool for creating successful strategies, based on solid research about the state of the industry, in each country, in each sport, including the changing landscape and challenges of the boardsports markets, and the greatest potential for growth from pan-European and individual country perspectives.

The European Boardsports Retailer Study includes:

o A 4-color, bound, easy-to-read hardcopy study or an electronic file

o Statistical quantitative analysis provided in tables, charts, and graphs

o Demographic profiles of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing by country and from a pan-European perspective

o Cross-tabulations by sport and country (country cross-tabs include UK, France, Germany, and Italy)

o Clear, detailed, and actionable qualitative editorial summaries, including results based on write-in answers and additional comments on growth opportunities and future concerns as described by boardsports retailers

A Purchase Agreement must be signed and returned to Label Networks or Boardsports Source magazine to insure purchase and address confirmation for shipping of the European Boardsports Retailer Study. Purchase Agreements will be available at the show.

For more information, please contact: Kathleen Gasperini at Label Networks at info@labelnetworks.com; www.labelnetworks.com; +310-745-3005; or Boardsports ‘Source’ Magazine, garry@boardsportsource.com; www.boardsportsource.com; or Mick Wallace at ispo at www.ispo.com.