Sept. 1st—State of Mind and That premiere at U of U
Sept. 2nd—Milosport team Pro Sale and BozWreck premiere at Milosport

Here is a little summary of what went down:

State Of Mind and That Premiere

This was the world premiere of Finger On Da Trigger Production’s newest flick, titled State of Mind, and the SLC premiere of Forum’s, That. The majority of the T9 crew was there signing autographs and keeping it real. Mark Edlund (a.k.a. Deadlung) landed himself opening part, and the crowd was hyped to see his skills. Speaking of crowd, we had more than 1,500 people peeping the new flicks, and it was a touch hectic. Justin Bennee, Stevie Bell, Chris Coulter, Mark Edlund, and a handful of other pro and am riders were there signing autographs and giving high fives. When it was all said and done, the place was a mess and the kids were stoked. Big thanks to all those who helped make it happen, especially Ethan and Cole at Technine, Chris Brunstetter from The Program and the University of Utah Snowboard Club.

Milosport Pro Sale

Every year our team brings out all their old gear that they used last season (and a few things that maybe never even left the plastic) and have one big garage sale in front of Milosport. This year was no different than the past few years. We tell everyone that the sale starts at 10 a.m., and kids show up at 7 a.m. Now, I am not exaggerating, by 8 a.m. there were over 50 kids waiting to see what Jeremy Jones and others had to offer. This year many of the Milo team riders were out of town, but Jeremy Jones, Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Bennee, and Mark Edlund managed to make it, along with a handful of other shop homies. Rumor has it that Jeremy killed it, making more in two hours than most make in a month. But the madness didn’t end in the parking lot of Milo. The shop was crazy busy all day long, and all the new gear was checking itself out at the registers. Special Blend seems to be killing this year, I guess premiereing That the night before probably helped their cause. Jib boards continue to be the new hotness, as Dominants, Stairmasters, T1s, and Jordan Mendenhall boards continue to disappear.

BozWreck Premiere

Keeping to the theme of BozWreck, we kept the premiere ghetto. The night started with Justin Bennee mixing it up in front of Milo as the sun went down. We had a barbeque going with free hot dogs (and veggie dogs for those that don’t like hurting animals). Many of the riders in BozWreck were there to witness the event. J2, Antho, Bennee, and a few others were holding it down, but Nate Bozung is down under in New Zealand getting his shred on (so he tells us) and Matty Ryan was in Hollywood (because all pro snowboarders need to live in Hollywood). It wasn’t quite as crazy as the State of Mind/That premiere, with maybe 200 people in the parking lot, but it was a good time. Much to our surprise the neighbors didn’t call the police, and we managed to get it done before midnight. BozWreck will have a much larger premier in LA on September 11th at Josephs (1775 N. Ivar Ave). If you haven’t seen the teaser, check it out.