Facts, figures, numbers, and information about the snowboarding industry. (Please note that these figures have been supplied by various sources and may not be accurate or in agreement.)

Market Sizes: Europe and Japan

According to the International Snowboard Federation (ISF), snowboard sales rose 30 percent in 1994¿95. They also reported similar growth in boots and bindings.

Snowboard Sales 1994¿95:

Europe:Austria 30,000France 30,000Germany 49,000Italy 19,000Switzerland 39,000Scandinavia 19,000Others 22,000Europe Total: 208,000Japan: 145,000North America: 190,000World Total: 543,000

These numbers are from an estimation by the ISF with the European snowboard industry.

The Japanese Snowboard Market

Number of resorts allowing snowboarding, out of 729Year Number of resorts1991¿92 1901992¿93 2801993¿94 3531994¿95 400

Number of Japanese snowboard shopsYear Number of snowboard shops1991¿92 2501992¿93 4001993¿94 5001994¿95 800-900

Number of snowboard brands available in JapanYear Number of brands1991¿92 351992¿93 601993¿94 1201994¿95 More than 200

Number of Japanese snowboardersYear Number of snowboarders1991¿92 150,0001992¿93 200,0001993¿94 300,0001994¿95 400,000-500,000

Number of snowboards sold in JapanYear Number of snowboards1991¿92 49,0001992¿93 70,0001993¿94 100,0001994¿95 180,000

Information from SNOWing magazine and TransWorld Japan.