Squaw is now open for the 2012-2013 season


Words and Photos: Ben Birk

They say “there are no friends on a power day,” but I think it should be “there are no friends on a rain day.” Not because you don’t want to miss out on the epic snow so you leave your friends behind. But rather your friends leave you behind because they don’t want to ride in the rain. But who cares about sayings because you know you’re die hard snowboard friends will always be up no matter what the conditions.

This Friday November the 16th, Squaw Valley USA opened its doors for business to a small group of snowboarders and skiers who were not scared to ride in the rain/snow mix. Zander BlackmonGray Thompson, and myself drove up to Squaw around 10am in my truck to take on the weather. Before we could take our first lap we ran into Max Tokunaga and Moss Halladay who were already in the lift line with smiles and eager to ride with more friends. Red Dog and Squaw Creek were the only two lifts open giving us access to a handful of trails to ride. No park means everyone has to surf the earth and that is exactly what we did.

Squaw Valley USA might not have opened on a blue bird day or to 6 feet of powder but they kept the spirit alive and allowed the local snowboarders to get out and have a great day to the start of the season, and for that we say Thank You.


Zander Blackmon has a sick stale fish. PHOTO: Ben Birk