Spy Optic Adds Richards And Hebbel To Snow Team

Spy Optic+ Inc. would like to welcome both Todd Richards and Justin Hebbel to our 2003 Pro Snowboarding Team.

What more can you say about Todd Richards? He continues to progress our sport with a skate-inspired style of riding that fuses both legendary raw talent and years of experience. Todd has influenced virtually every facet of the sport; backcountry, rails, pipe, and park. Competition? Yeah, he’s had that covered since he was a grom, storming across contests and magazines all over the world. Todd has been a Gold and Silver X-Games medalist, U.S. Open Champion, Triple Crown Champion, Olympic athlete, and won major contests in Japan, Europe and New Zealand.

Todd was recently featured announcing the moves of his peers in the 2003 Winter X-Games on ESPN and will be competing as the Team Captain of the US Global X-Games Team in May. For the rest of the season Todd will be working with KingPin Productions, Finger on Da Trigger and Todd Richard’s Trick Tips 2.

Todd currently resides with his wife and newborn son both in Encinitas, Ca. and Breckenridge, CO. Todd is also supported by DCshoeCo., Quiksilver Clothing, Nixon Watches, Rossignol Snowboards, Clive, Premier, and RDS.

Justin “Destroyer” Hebbel resides in SLC, UT. and has become one of the most respected young riders in this pro-congested area of the world. Last year we saw an up-and-coming Hebbel give us a compelling hint of what he has to offer in the first release from Finger On Da Trigger’s “Represent”, For 2003’s F.O.D.T. release “General Population”, Justin hit us all in the jaw with a fakie ollie / frontside lipslide down a 22stair rail to lead into his sick opening part of the film. Justin was also just featured in the February 2003 issue of TWSnowboarding as one of”16 Riders to Recognize” with four pages of photos and text. Hebbel is currently hard at work on his next part in F.O.D.T.’s next release “Livin’ Proof” set to be released in Sept. 2003 as well as the 2003 release from KingPin Productions. Hebbel is also supported by TechNine Bindings, Analog, Osiris Boots, Ride Snowboards Bakoda, Subject Backpacks and MiloSport.

Spy’s 2003 Pro Snow Team includes Marc Frank Montoya, DCP, Todd Richards, Justin Hebbel, Micah McGinnity, Brandon Ruff, Victoria Jealouse and Andy Finch.

For further information please contact Chris Saydah, Spy Snowboard Segment Manager at 760.804.8420 or csaydah@spyoptic.com.

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