Only ten minutes out of downtown Vancouver, you can boost all day at Grouse and be back in no time to partake in the city nightlife. Or flip the script and do Vancouver all day and shred Grouse all night. The mountain blasts up from the ocean to 4,100 feet above sea level¿the perfect recipe for good snow conditions. It’s high enough to get dry powder, yet low enough to enjoy your days and nights at a comfortable temperature. The Skyride dual gondola departs every fifteen minutes from the base, and the last ride down is midnight¿more than enough time for night riding and enjoying one of the three mountain-top restaurants, The Observatory, Bar 98, and Lupin’s Café. Notably, Grouse Mountain took a special interest in snowboarding this season by supporting Devun Walsh and the rest of the Wildcats. The buzz surrounding the mountain had been modestly growing over the past couple years, but it really blew up in 2001 when the Wildcats hosted their First Annual Wildcat Challenge.

Grouse has all the makings of a great resort. The location is epic, the snow is amazing, the scenery is wic, and the staff seems devoted to making snowboarders a top priority. –Randy Ross

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Average Annual Snowfall: 315 inches
Summit Elevation: 4,100 feet
Vertical Drop: 1,210 feet
Number Of Lifts: 9
Pipes: Nope
Parks: One
Lights: Yes
Nearby Skateparks: Ambleside, Seylynn Bowl, William Griffin Bowl

“We go to Grouse ’cause it’s nicer than Seymour, and they give us passes and discounts on food. Devun’s girlfriend’s parents are the general managers, and they do a lot for us. The mountain has their own metal studio and can make us any rail we want, and build us jumps, too. They have a quad on the park run, and there’s a sick backdrop of Vancouver for photos.”¿Max Jenke, Wildcat