Spot Check 15.8

Eight-thousand feet above sun-baked beaches, rising diesel fumes, and sad Hollywood girls sits the jib mecca that is Snow Summit. With one of the first shred scenes to explode in the early 90s, the place figured out long ago that it doesn’t take a daily foot of fresh powder to keep riders happy. It has a full arsenal of snow guns-enough ammunition to set up a vast array of man-made creations: rails, gaps, kickers, boxes, hips-everything. In addition to a range of healthy groomers, there are a few different park runs to choose from. This includes a beginner one with less challenging jumps and jibs, as well as the renowned “Super Park,” designed by the world-famous Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson of Snow Park Technologies. This is the place to go if you want to hit pro-sized kickers-special waivers have to be signed before entering. Unlike some of the country’s more high-end (expensive) resorts like Vail or Squaw Valley, Snow Summit has maintained a fairly down-home resort experience. Lift tickets average around 40 bucks, and the town of Big Bear is host to quite a few cheaper hotels, so finding affordable lodging is no problem. Snow Summit gets packed on the weekends, and since the mountain limits the number of lift tickets sold, it’s been known to sell out faster than an AC/DC show. If you’re planning a trip during the holidays, buying tickets in advance is a good idea. Otherwise, definitely hit it midweek. And don’t forget one of the best parts about riding in So Cal-the weather. There’re girls riding in baby tees, guys shralping shirtless-it’s like spring break in Fort Lauderdale. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit: Stats
Average Annual Snowfall: 75 inches
Summit Elevation: 8,200 feet
Vertical Drop: 1,200 feet
Number Of Lifts: 12
Shreddable Acres: 235
Pipes: 2
Parks: 7
Lights: Yes
Nearby Skateparks: Grandville Skatepark

“Snow Summit is like Disneyland-you can hit like a million perfect jibs in one run. The park is always maintained super well. The crew of maintenance guys really cares about the place, and it shows in the quality of the rails and jumps. Plus, you can ride in a T-shirt almost every day and work on your tan.”-Dave Downing