Words and Photos by George Crossland

For fourteen seasons the Triple Air has been bringing riders together to shred and have fun. It's also a good place to see whose going to be the hot rider in the future, heck even Shaun White has won this event. The fans always come out to support the riders and include a diverse group of people; from families checking the comp between their first ever snowboard runs, to the usual So Cal shreds drinking beers in the parking lot and smoking weed in the woods and everyone in between…always fun. Adding to all that, this year the event was even TTR rated.

Even though Southern California has had a less than stellar snow year, the jumps were in great shape. Snowmaking has saved the season and the event this year. According to Mountain High staff they had to farm and store snow to build the best jumps in the events history. The first jump was about 55 feet and had the most pop, the second jump was 45 feet or so and acted as kind of a set up jump for the 60 foot third jump. It's the Triple Air so doing rad stuff on all three jumps put you in a good spot as opposed to doing one really crazy jump and 2 crappy ones. The turnout was good despite the fact that the Canadian Open and the Supernatural event was gong on at the same time. OK, well maybe Travis would not come to the Triple Air but Terje has been seen shredding Mt High in the past. For those of us with only enough money to buy 6 gallons of gas and lunch at Del Taco off the 15 freeway, Mt. High is as close as we mortals will get to Baldface and the Supernatural.

With the course being in such good shape, the riding was on point, with lot's of 5's, 7's, 9's, a few 10's, done in all combos and some inverted tricks were done as well. The women got 3 runs to determine the winners. The women stepped it up and cleared the big jumps with some spins, Lyn Neil even did a 7. When the dust cleared though Katie Williams won it. All the men were given 2 runs to make it into the finals. Determining the finalists would have been tough since a lot of shredding was going down. In fact, at the last minute, they threw in an additional rider into the final, making it 11 riders instead of 10. Once in the finals everyone got 2 more tries to put down their best runs. In the end Jeremy Page's second place run consisted of a back 9, switch rodeo 5 and front 10. To take the top spot Spencer Link hooked up a switch front 9 off the first jump into a front 7 and finished up with a backside double cork 10. You might be thinking, hmm, Spencer is a Mountain High team rider, that is a little suspect? Well don't hate because Spencer won it fair and square with good solid riding. When asked what he was going to do with the money, Spencer said he was going to take his parents to dinner, what a good son.Other riders had tricks that could have taken it but a few falls or butt drags kept them off the top spots. Besides, it's more about having a blast and riding some sick jumps with your friends. Thanks go to Mountain High, Cholula, Jarritos and everyone that made the event possible. Heres to looking at number 15 next year.

The event was run in the memory of Chuck Allen. Southern California snowboarding would not be where it is today without Chuck, R.I.P.