It is our mission to empower our readers through knowledge, facilitating your shopping, and adding strength to your dollar. These numbers are not going to help you ride any better-although starring at them may make your head spin a 720. To help make sense of all these numbers, please allow us to give you some very easy to understand description of the subheadings.

1. Company name: the name of the company selling the board.

2. Model: the name of the board.

3. Length: measured from tip to tail, and is listed in centimeters.

4. Weight: given in pounds and ounces, not including bindings.

5. Effective edge: the part of the rail in constant contact with snow, and is listed in centimeters.

6. Category: style of riding best suited for the board (as determined by the manufacturer.)

7. Sidecut radius: is given in centimeters or is stated as progressive. If you’re having problems with understanding what sidecut does please refer back to the How to Pick a Stick on page 289.

8. Widths: are given in centimeters for nose, waist, and tail.