SP Team News

PORTLAND, OR (March 15) Since the tradeshow craze, long time Pro SteveGruber has joined SP Bindings and is currently filming for Absinthe Film1snew project. As progressive as he is, Steve will top his own killer partfrom 3Saturation2. Check out: http://www.absinthe-films.com

We have just sponsored Whiteout Films 3Positron2 which will be one of nextyears major productions and a worldwide bestseller. Their heavyhitter lineupincludes: SP pro Kale Stephens, BJ Leines, Chris Brown, Chris Dufficy, PeterLine, Devun and the rest of the 3Wildcats2 crew. Check out their teaser at:http://www.whiteout-films.com.

Another banging headline:

M.A.T. won the Tokyo Big Air contest. Hopefully he managed to get rid of allthose screaming Japanese girls after his big win. Rumours say that he leftthe country as soon as he could. Goro Komatsu is one of our Japanese rippersworking on a contest in Hokkaido and inviting some big names. More info onthis to come soon.

SP ripper Jon Cartwright is busy filming with the guys from Brainwash Cinemaaround his homebase of Whistler BC. The guys from Brainwash said, 3Your boyCartwright totally Ã...'Destroid1 it.2 Also featuring Beckna, Jesse Fox, DarylTrinidad, Lukas Goller, and many more, check out their teaser athttp://www.brainwashcinema.com

What Else?

Per Loken is moving on to the Battle contest in Sweden while other SP ridersincluding Heppu Penti, Tapio Kuusakoski, Chris 3CK2 Kroell, Mone, and otherswere seen riding fresh pow in Mayerhofen Austria in one of the best yearsever.

Exciting news on the manufacturing side with a new production facility withthe best technicians, the best infrastructure meaning faster R&D and betterproducts.

Offering specialty products for specialty shops, Palmer USA is now theexclusive USA distributor for SP Binding and Boots. For more info, contactPalmer USA at help@palmerusa.com, or visit the SP website athttp://www.sp-united.com