Sounds: Bryan Fox’s “Songs I Prefer” Playlist

Snowboarder Bryan Fox

1. Dead Kennedys, “Holiday In Cambodia”
2. G.B.H., “City Baby Attacked By Rats”
3. Swingin Utters, “Teenage Genocide”
4. Metallica, “Four Horsemen”
5. Motorhead, “Life’s A Bitch”
6. Operation Ivy, “Jaded”
7. Samhain, “Let The Day Begin”
8. 3 Inches Of Blood, “Trial Of Champions”
9. The Business, “Product”
10. Cock Sparrer, “I Got Your Number”
11. NOFX, “The Brews”
12. Sham 69, “If The Kids Are United”
13. Youth Brigade, “I Hate My Life”