Sound Off:

Tools To Make Your Ear Drums Pop

The wonderful world of sound reproduction, it’s a hidden reserve in small cords of technology. Here, your second sense, hearing, is manipulated and taken wherever you want it to go, while you can continue shredding away. Go with some sleek earphones, seal it all out with a set of headies or let the noise spill with a portable sound dock for après. Scope them all here and remember to crank it to eleven.

Kicker EB101 Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Kicker EB101 ($40)

The EB101’s Comply foam tips are stance apart from the normal silicon sleeves that adorn many headphones. They mold right into your ears and seal out unwarranted noise, aside from being very comfortable and packed in sleek, brushed aluminum.

Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Matix Hangover Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Matix Hangover ($35)

Sometimes we all need to go to our own little happy place. When the world is spinning and pounding it’s nice to know that you can curl up to the cloth cord of these earplugs and be swept away to the sweet calming sounds they utter.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Nixon The Wire 10mm Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Nixon The Wire 10mm ($60)

Remember that nickel in the ear trick creepy uncle Larry used to do to you? It was like your ears were raining change and you thought maybe if you shook your head more would fall out. Well, these fine earbuds do none of the above, but they do look like a nice silver coin in your ear and fit nice and snug. Plus, they rain sweet acoustic sounds, which is better than the sound of rattling change, right?

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Seige Audio Stealth Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Siege Stealth With Mic ($60)

These are stealthy and rugged. The thick cord is nicely wrapped in cloth and can stand up to a lot of wear. Aside from that it has an inline microphone and volume control so you never have to dig in your jacket to adjust tracks.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Skullcandy Holua Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Skullcandy Holua ($100)

Maholo bros, I’m the first ever performance microdriver speaker housed in solid wood. I resonate the good vibrations found in wood’s natural acoustic qualities. And I bring with me a mic.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

WESC Flute Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

WESC Flute ($40)

With band camp and skin flute jokes aside, these little sound nuggets are actually quite charming. They’re incredibly tiny too, packed in a glossy anodized aluminum case. But fear not, they’ve got a nice thin rubbery leash so they won’t get lost and nor will the sound that pumps from the crisp 10mm power driver.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Matix Domepiece Headphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Matix Domepiece ($70)

If you really want to flood your noggin with noise, look no further. The Domepiece’s half-dome shape caps the sound right around your ears and seals it tight. The gold plated plug ensures audio clarity and the 20mm sized drivers deliver it. With subtle accents and a smooth adjustable fit, you’ll find auditory peace in this piece.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Nixon Nomadic Headphones. Photo By Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Nixon Nomadic ($100)

The doughy memory foam on the Nomadic simply melts into your ear and makes the white noise disappear. The ball joint that joins the arch to speaker also conforms to any head shape so you’re guaranteed a superb fit. The removable braided cord resists wear and also comes in handy when you need to plug your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player into anything that accepts a stereo mini plug. And forget fumbling for the volume, one speaker is actually a sleek volume dial.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

WESC Maraca Headphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

WESC Maraca ($70)

In a round world, WESC goes square, back to the radio days of past. Fear no sticky, greasy vinyl though; these headpieces have supple, squishy padding to cradle your ear. They come with an extension cord incase you just want to dance or get really pretzeled on a grab.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Burton Lil Buddy. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Burton 'Lil Buddy ($100)

A good time all in one place. This lil’ guy has room for twelve soda pops plus ice and an attached bottled opener. But the best part is the weather resistant sound system complete with speakers, amp and auxiliary input so you can plug in a choice track you rock where you please.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Kicker iKick501 Speaker System. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Kicker iKick501 ($250)

Built as “the loudest docking station on the market,” the iKick501 turns your little iPhone/iPod into Hercules-seriously. The thing has a mini subwoofer in the back, four speakers up front and is only the size of a watermelon. The docking station works with loads of iPods and accepts a 1/8″ auxiliary cable. It includes a credit card-sized remote and has video outputs so you can link videos from your iPod to a TV.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Livespeakr. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Livespeakr ($100)

Great for on the go. The Loudspeakr features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that pumps sound for up to sixteen hours on a single charge. It also transforms into a mini entertainment system by presenting your iPod/iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. What’s more? It’s supposedly shielded from that annoying braap, braap noise you get from radio/GSM frequency interference.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Skullcandy Pipe Dock. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Skullcandy Pipe ($70)

Before getting into the details, one must be prefaced with Skullcandy’s warning: “85% of doctors* agree that hitting the Pipe can lower inhibitions, enhance sensory pleasure, make you feel invincible, and tidy up your desk.” With that understood, you can pack an iPod or plug into the auxiliary port and let the sounds loose. Power it form an outlet or go mobile with 4AA batteries. Comes with a remote, too.

Photo: Chris Wellhausen