Soft Boot Update

The deepest roots of snowboard and rider interface is the soft-boot and strap-binding connection. Refinements along the way have bred a new line of systems that are unparalleled in comfort and function.

Soft-boot choices are as varied as the destinations where one might choose to ride them. Do you prefer a linerless boot, or perhaps a laceless liner? There are always laced liners, too, or some sort of Velcro contraption that works like a lacing system. And don't forget all the new moldable liners.

Wicking systems, internal or external supports, insoles, outsoles, and dense foam padding for proper anatomical fit–these are some of the factors to consider when deciding which soft-boot setup is best for you. A current trend toward stiffer boots means better support but slightly less tweakability.

Uncomfortable feet can ruin snowboarding–don't get caught standing in the wrong kicks. Boots are something you should always take the time to research and try on in order to get the best fit and performance possible.