With a dramatic mix of smooth riding, big amplitude, and a flaming snowboard, Tom Sims topped a tough field of more than 20 competitors to win the first-ever World Snowboard Fingerboard Championships and a cash purse of $1,000 (Canadian).

Held on the second night of the TransWorld Media Snowboard Industry Conference and Powderquest, the WSFC was organized by Dane Hjort and Charlie Anderson and sponsored by Northwave, Drake, Gravity Fingerboards, and Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboard Life magazines.

The event took place on the deck of the Garibaldi Lift Company under a cold and overcast sky. But with the lit course, the crowd of more than 50 witnessed the awesome display of snowboarding in a fingerboard snowboard park built by Snow Summit’s park building guru Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and Sierra at Tahoe’s Park Specialist Chris Garvey. A mixture of halfpipes, two big kickers, a quarterpipe, and numerous benches to slide and bonk, the contestants put on an inspired show.

After watching others go, Sims dropped into the course while assistant Dave Wray lit a shot of Sambuka on fire across the first picnic table. Sims aired over it one time, and on his return run, landed the board right into the flame. The crowd went nuts. The board actually began to burn, and oblivious to the fact, Sims lifted his flaming board over his head to an even louder roar of the crowd.

After the event, Sims announced that he was donating his prize money to the Surfrider Foundation’s Snowrider Project and to Board AID. He was also treated for light burns on his knuckles.