Snowpark NZ Results


WANAKA, NZ, August 23rd — Organizers are pleased to announce that theinaugural Snow Park Invitational went off, and was New Zealand’s bestcontest of the year so far. 35 elite riders from across several nationswere showcased. Amongst the crew were riders such as Romain De Marchi, JPSolberg, Gigi Ruff, Nataza Zurek, DCP, Gian Simmen, James Beach, MarcusWherle, Tim and Will Jackways, Dylan Butt, Amanda Mourant, Leanne Pelosi anda host of New Zealand rippers.

The competition was jam format on each of the selected features.Competitors battled it out for cash prizes on a 32ft wall-ride, 24ftquarter-pipe, kinky rails and a massive kicker. The contest was divided into4 sections: Rails, Jumps, Wall Ride and Quarterpipe, all rider judged. DJZindawg was on the turntable, with rider Amanda Mourant stepping it up toGoGo dance on the 2-story DJ booth. Conditions were perfect for the event,bluebird sunny skies, perfect for the hundreds of spectators that showed upto see the jam go down.

Big ups to Kristian Phillips of New Zealand, who was the first rider to takedown the new 40ft pink S-box. Dwayne Wiebe’s smooth style and technicalprowess on the flat down rail made him champion of the rail section with agap to f/s 450 to 270 off and butter switch frontside on the down 40 footer.Canada’s Leanne Pelosi won the rail section with a gap to f/s 270 on theflat down rail, 270 off, and a boardslide on the 40 footer down rail. TimJackways conquered the jump with some sick cab 7’s, but it was Dylan Buttwho took the jump section of the contest. He unleashed a full bag of trickswith smooth-like-butter steeze, even bringing tricks back from Olly Brunton’s day.

On the girls side of things, Nataza Zurek cruised through thecontest mid-day to pull some big lofty f/s 360’s and New Zealand’s HaideeMayen won the jump section with a huge f/s 360. On Snow Park’s infamous wallride, Dominic Pelosi and Logan Holt continued their standing rivalry, andonce again Logan took the title, although it could have been either of them.Canadian Amanda Mourant showed all the boys how to properly execute a f/slipslide to 180 out on the top of the wall ride. She’s so hot right now.Leanne Pelosi is even hotter. She won the wall ride section with an air totailslide to fakie off. Gian Simmen, Will Jackways, and Okeden all threwdown on the quarterpipe, but it was Canadian Dwayne Wiebe’s huge Japan airsand Marcus Wherle’s massive 15ft + inverts that saw the boys share thevictory that bought them and everyone else more than a ‘few’ beers later atthe bar. Abby Lockhart pulled an array of tricks on the QP, with tons ofsteeze. She won the QP. Overall titles went to Canadians Dwayne Wiebe andLeanne Pelosi.

“We’re stoked on the fact that we had perfect conditions, sunny skies, softsnow, perfectly shaped transitions, good music, sick riding, lots of people,and smiles all round, says Snow Park’s Terrain Park & Event Supervisor,Zinny Sinclair. “This was Snow Park’s best day of the season. It will beeven bigger next year.The 2003 SPI invite results:

Rails: Dwayne Wiebe, Leanne Pelosi
Jumps: Dylan Butt, Haidee Mayen
Quarterpipe: Marcus Wherle, Dwayne Wiebe, Abby Lockhart
Wall Ride: Logan Holt, Leanne Pelosi
Men’s Overall Winner: Dwayne Wiebe
Women’s Overall Winner: Leanne Pelosi