Snowboards, New York Style: Angelic is waiting for the shake-out.

Snowboards, New York Style

Angelic Snowboards is a Brooklyn, New York-based snowboard manufacturer that’s been running for four years. Owner Mark Klich has operated a multi-million-dollar window manufacturing and installing business for the past eleven years. After he and his two sons got interested in snowboarding, he decided to set up the OEM facility across the street from his window factory in the Polish section of the New York borough. SNOWboarding Business recently had the chance to see the factory and meet with the staff that includes early Burton team rider Steve Hayes, who, along with his two brothers and in partnership with Angelic, has begun making and selling Hayes Brothers Snowboards.

With 27 presses in the factory, Angelic is ready to build snowboards. The company has its own CNC machine to mill out 3-D shapes from molds to create the unique and functional 3-D topsheets that are featured in both Angelic and Hayes Brothers Snowboards. The machine is also used for cutting and matching 3-D woodcores that help eliminate excess weight in these boards.

The company has made snowboards for several different brands in the last several years. Although business has slowed this season, Klich believes that things will turn around by next year, after many of the smaller, under-financed companies disappear from the market. For now, he’s content to let things sort themselves out. With all his machinery paid for and a successful business to fall back on, there’s no rush to make things happen. And certainly Klich doesn’t want to be a major player in the snowboard market: he sees it as an interesting sideline to his busy construction business that employs 40 people.

“Nothing in a hurry,” Klich says of the snowboarding business. “Our time will come. A little luck would help, but we don’t need it.”

Certainly, having his staff rounded out by Hayes will accelerate things a bit. Hayes rode for Burton in the mid 80s, and worked at Apocalypse as well. Currently, he’s a mainstay of the Stratton and East Coast snowboarding scene, working to get pro snowboarders such as Hobie Chittenden riding the product and promoting the brand.

While other snowboard companies overproduce product and try to blow it out to any retailer looking for a deal, the staff at Angelic knows that they have to produce better-performing product in order to separate itself from the others in the market. And the brand plans on being here for the long run until things begin to pay off. So if you ever make it to New York City, stop by Angelic in Brooklyn and they’ll take you out for good, authentic Polish food, after showing you some top-quality snowboards.

-John Stouffer