Snowboarding Participation Up Again

According to The Superstudy of Sports Participation conducted by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association and released last month, snowboarding participation grew 1.7 percent in 2003. This takes the total number of riders from 7.69-million to 7.82-million in the United States. During the last thirteen years that snowboarding has been tracked by the Superstudy, snowboarding has grown a total of 269 percent.

In the same study, downhill skiing saw a 4.3-percent decrease in 2003, with its total numbers dropping from 14.249-million to 13.633-million participants. Over the last sixteen years, skiing participation has dropped 23 percent.

For 2003, skateboarding was down 14.7 percent, from 13-million to 11.1 million participants. Surfing was up eleven percent in the same timeframe, going from 1.879-million to 2.087-million wave riders.

The SGMA Sports Participation Trends surveys the U.S. population, ages six and over, who participate in an activity once per year. For more information, go to: