Snowboarders Petition To Keep January SIA Show Dates

This e-mail was sent out by Johnny West, O’Neill’s Snow Division Sales Manager and is intended to help influence the SIA Board of Directors to keep the SIA Show dates in January or early February, and not move them back to a March time frame: Hello,

My Name is Johnny West, I have been in the Snowboard Industry for nearly 10 years now, working with a couple of different companies. Some of you I have met, and the others I look forward to meeting in the future. The reason for my e-mail is to let you know about the Future of the SIA Tradeshow.

As some of you may be aware, The SIA Board of Directors recently voted to move the Tradeshow Dates back to March for the 2004 show. Only giving the January dates a 2 year chance. Many of us in the Snow industry (both snowboard and ski) feel that this switch is premature and NOT in the best interest of the industry and the Buy-Sell Cycle.

In June of 2002 SIA convened 5 Sub Committee groups together for their thoughts on the tradeshow dates. These sub groups included people representing companies from every segment of the Snow Sports Industry–Ski, Snowboard, Accessories, Retail, etc.

Myself as well as many of the other key decision makers in the Snowboard Industry were on the Snowboard Sub Committee. The bottom line wass: 3 of the 5 subcommittees recommended to the SIA Board of Directors, that the SIA Tradeshow Dates remain in late January or early February, thereby, having the SIA tradeshow as an All-Snow Industry PREVIEW show, kicking off the “See it, Try it, Buy it” philosophy. And more importantly, cutting down on the number of regional tradeshows that we all must attend to wrap up our pre-season ordering and business, in turn cutting the cost of travel and money lost by not being in your stores.

Every Single member of the Snowboard Sub committee felt that the January Show was a success and the dates should remain in late January or Early February. (This was based upon comments from you, our Retail Partners)

By Switching the dates back to March, the SIA Board Of Directors have not only taken away any hype that may be surrounding the coming January show, but have also once again thrown the Buy/Sell cycle into a complete tailspin. Not to mention the conflicting stories we are telling you our Retail Partners.

I do not speak for all members of the 5 Sub Committees, or all companies within the Snow Industry, but can with fair assurance say that the SNOWBOARD Industry is committed to having a JANUARY PREVIEW SHOW, preferably an All-Snow Industry Preview Show.

I would Ask that you please take a minute to look at the following petition: and let SIA hear you.

Thanks for your time and please let me know if you have any questions.


The Snowboard Industry Sub Committee

What The Petition Says:

We, the undersigned members of the Action Sports Industry; Both Retail and Manufacturer, hereby petition the SIA Board of Directors to reconsider the March / End of season dates for the SIA Show. If the SIA show continues to be held in March, we feel the importance of this show and our support of this show will quickly diminish. Further, the March Show and ensuing “regional” shows do not offer an effective way to “See it, Try it, Buy it”.

As such, we (the undersigned) favor and will fully support an “All Snow Industry Preview Show” at the end of January or early February. These dates and the following “Regional Buying Shows and Demos” create a much more streamlined and effective “buy / sell” cycle.

By Signing this petition you have agreed to an “All Snow Industry Preview Show” at the end of January or early February.

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