Snowboard Warrior Kevin Jones Joins Von Zipper Tribe

December 10, 2001 ¿ The Von Zipper marketing medicine man emerged from the sweat lodge to send smoke signals announcing the joining of PowPow Warrior, Kevin “Soaring Eagle” Jones to its tribe. “The snow gods have blessed us with the most powerful winter warrior,” chants Chris “BigBear” Burke, “Kevin ‘Soaring Eagle’ Jones’ medicine makes the VZ teepee strong with his enlightened snowboarding, skateboarding, and fishing ways.”

Kevin “Soaring Eagle” Jones has many feathers in his headdress:

– Male Snowboarder of the Year ¿ 2001 ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards

– Best Freestyle Rider ¿ 2001 TransWorld Rider’s Poll Awards

– Most decorated Male Snowboarder in X Games history

– Gold Medal ¿ Winter X Games, Slopestyle ¿ 2001

– Gold Medal ¿ Sims World Championships, Jib Jam ¿ 2001

– Gold Medal ¿ Winter X Games, Slopestyle ¿ 2000

– Gold Medal ¿ Winter Gravity Games, Big Air ¿ 2000

The Legend of Warrior Kevin “Soaring Eagle” Jones

It is said that while standing on a mountaintop, young KJ turned to Granite Chief and asked, “Why are we confined to the limits of this Earth?”

After a moment of deep contemplation, Granite Chief turned to young KJ and replied, “In the days of our ancestors the eagle and the chicken were one. The bird people would scratch at the earth, digging for whatever it may find to eat. It was not until one day that a young bird posed the same question you do today. He tried to convince his fellow bird that their wings were useful for more than stirring up dust. The elders dismissed him as being cursed with a slow mind. This brought shame to the young bird and he hopped to the mountaintop to see if the wind would hear his plight. Upon reaching the pinnacle, young bird spread his wings towards either end of the Earth. It was then that the wind grabbed the underside of his wings and levitated him towards the heavens. His fellow birds were shocked by what they were witnessing. Some stood in disbelief, and are chickens today. Those who believed became eagles.” In a look of stern recognition, Granite Chief turned to young KJ and said, “You are the eagle.” Coming to a Wigwam Near You

With a tomahawk in one hand, a Wisenheimer and Moonboot goggle in the other; Kevin “Soaring Eagle” Jones brings Von Zipper to the top of the totem pole. The war cry beckons towards the future – the coming of the Spartacus goggle ¿ Winter 02/03.