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Airhole Facemasks

The Pandana print is the least-raw option available from Airhole. Upgrade to the Face Off mask if you dare.


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Burton Pipe Gloves

Pipe gloves can do double duty as around town gloves until the slopes warm up. Shouldn't they really just be called Spring gloves?

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Oakley Frogskins

Are we too late on these? Currently, the polished white or black frames with ruby iridium lenses are available. Keep your ear to the ground for the hard-to-find limited-edition releases.
$120, oakley.com

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DaKine Mitts

We love mitts—slimmitts that is, not bulky ones. These ones are waterproof, warm, and grabby.
Men's Cobra $75 and Women's Targa, $75.

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DC Mallard WR

The next best thing to your shred boots for stomping around in the snow. Super waterproof and rugged.

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Eesa Collared First Layer

This underlayer features an odor-biting and sweat-wicking fabric which means you don't have to change before hitting the après.
Biff Long Sleeve in carrot, $75

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Coal Beanies

Everyone loves to get beanies. You need a selection to get you through the winter—truth is, they all get funky and stretched out after a couple months. These two styles are pretty hot right now … not that you care.
The Scotty $33, The Harbor $25.

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Brixton Hats

Mix it up this year. Throw 'em for a spin. Fancy hats are perfect for holiday parties or for looking like you're put together after a long day on the slopes. Hooligan in gray Herringbone, The Stroll in gray/burgundy plaid.
$35 each

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Pendleton Wool Lodge Shirts

Tough as nails, but downright soft. Think of it as a fleece substitute to wear over your first layer.

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Vans Shoes

You just can't go wrong with a pair of Vans. These are two of our favorite models.
Sk8 Hi-Classic, $50, Slip-Ons $37–50

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Snowboard Socks

Snowboard socks are built for the unique forward leaning position of snowboarding, which when combined with tube socks, results in bunching in the ankle—not a problem with these socks. They also have padding in all the right places, and no, they're definitely not quitters.

Burton AK Mega Socks, $29.95

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Shirts From ‘The Mountain’

If you don't have a truck stop near you, then you might be stumped as to where to find a radical 'Howl at the moon' shirt. Look no further than the world wide webs, just google some combination of "the mountain shirts" and "wolf," "bear," "tiger," (or whatever your spirit animal is) and you should be set.
(Note: Combining with dream catchers and feathers simultaneously is discouraged.)


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DaKine Luggage

Hardsided suitcases went out with your Grandma's pantsuit—and those plastic bags they give you at the airport are about as protective as Kleenex. These bags last forever and the rollers don't blowout.

Dakine High Roller Board Bag, $179, and Overunder Roller Bag, $125

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Incase Power Slider Case

iPhones drop off chairlifts and iMacs off laps. Your stuff needs all the protection it can get. The Power Slider for iPhone 3G takes the protective cover to the next level by doubling the battery life of the phone. Sold!

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Nixon Headphones

New! Nixon just released a line of modern headphones including these studio-quality Master Blaster headphones, some slimmer on-ear travel ones, and an in-ear model for the slopes.

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Canon G10

We're still backing the Canon Elph as the most affordable point and shoot on the market. But, the G10 takes it to the next level. It shoots RAW so you can get shots of your bros published. It dangles comfortably around your neck without screaming tourist, and it has a wider-angle lens—the equivalent of a 28 mm to take in all the hot action … or beautiful mountainscapes.

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Snowboard Flash Drive

Let's just call this a welcome stocking stuffer. We all need flash drives—maybe you just don't know it yet.
Burton 2GB USB 2.0 Snowdrive

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VholdR Camera

Get the POV shot without looking like a Disney dad with this wearable camcorder . We tested it out this summer at Hood and it passed. (Make sure you buy the most recent model if you're running a Mac.)

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One Ball Jay Basic Tuning Kit

This small kit includes everything you need to maintain your base and edges. P-Tex to fill in the small gouges, wax, a wax scraper, a stone and file for the edges, and an edge sharpener and file brush to keep it all in working order.

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Eco-Friendly Wax

All-natural wax is where it's at—100-percent biodegradable and nontoxic. Look for waxes similar to Purls Natural line, like soy wax from One Ball Jay and Bluebird, and Bakoda's eco-friendly rub-on base paste.
Purl Natural Wax, $10

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Snowboard Vise

It's time to get serious about tuning. Haven't you been meaning to spend more quality time with your board?
Swix Snowboard Vise, $119.95

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One Ball Jay Wonton Iron

If you don’t ahve an iron, you need one. Two benefits to this iron: One—mom can stop worrying about you waxing your board with her iron. Two—this one works way better at waxing than hers.

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