Snowboard Life Top 25: Santa Cruz TBX

Derived from Santa Cruz’s freeriding T-types, the TBX, or Team Boardercross, is the board that won both the men’s and women’s ISF world titles in 2000.

Super torsional stiffness provided by a thicker-in-the-middle woodcore makes the TBX the call for high-speed dicing. Kevin noted that it was “trustworthy at speed,” and recommended the TBX for “charging open bowls.”

Kurt and Lisa also poured on the compliments, saying respectively, “Technical riders rejoice, makes good riders better,” and “A rare combo.”

On the other side of the stiff and sturdy TBX coin (the “I haven’t won a world-cup boardercross lately” side), it takes some flair to ride this high-level ATB. Lighter or smaller applicants might try ankle weights or a softer ride.

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