Snowboard Life Top 25: Palmer Circle Carbon

The board Shaun himself rides (he won both the 1999 World Championships and X-Games on it), Palmer’s not-just-for-boardercross Circle Carbon is pure power on edge.

Novice or mid-level riders may find the Circle Carbon a challenge, but more apt handlers like Lisa noted that, “It loved to fire into a turn.”

Kevin was all about this board, and said, “Strength abounds between the feet, where I need it to make the tool bite.”Kurt confirmed what this “tool” will do by adding, “Damp, not dead. Enters a turn smoothly and hangs on until you decide to say ‘enough.'” Jonathan coined it “chatter proof.”

The Circle Carbon is a true backed-by-badasses all-mountain ruler. It was narrow for Neal’s size-eleven feet, but he still raved¿”Handles anything.”

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