Snowboard Life Top 25: Nitro Natural

Naturally, the Natural rose to the top for the second time. As Product Manager Tim Weisser puts it, “The Naturals series is like a full-suspension mountain bike. Once you’re used to it, it’s hard to go back to a regular mountain bike.”

Kevin gave it the highest score possible on overall performance, and exclaimed, “This board is whippy and quick for rapid turns in tight situations, like an alley cat getting chased off by an angry housewife.”

Jonathan raved about the board: “My one and only love. A landing stomper, a crud crusher, and a jolly jibber.”

And Kurt added more testimonial to the qualities of the Natural: “It oozes confidence to the power rider.” All testers gave it high marks for versatility, yet the women found it might be better for larger, more powerful riders.

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