Snowboard Life Top 25: Airwalk A-1

Making the grade for the second year in a row, Airwalk’s A-1 stood out for its edge hold and stability.

“It really snapped from edge to edge,” Lisa raved about the transitions between turns.Kevin added, “This would be a good board for all ability levels.”

Kurt cautioned: “Light style-riders beware, this board ain’t for pussy-footin’ around.” Airwalk teamriders helped refine the A-1 this season by adding a more freestyle-influenced flex. “The A-1 has tip-to-tail and top-to-bottom unity with its flex pattern,” says Airwalk Product Manager Randy Kleiner. Interestingly, this capped model is constructed using only advanced composite materials and contains no wood. Janet simply labeled it, “One of the best chocolates in the box.”

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