Snowboard Life Product 2000

Okay, so we’ve been a little slow to plaster the chests of the world with new garb¿we’ve been making a magazine over here, aaaiiight?

We do have some stuff, basic T-shirts and hooded sweaties, though. And we’ve got some new designs on the way. So, if your sponsored friends haven’t been kickin’ down the goods like they should be and that AC/DC concert “T” has permanent pit stains, we can help.

Of course, if you even own a black (not “Back in Black”) AC/DC concert “T”, you can pretty much give up on looking a quarter as good in our products as Lyndie does¿heck, she even looks good in the beanie.

There’s more on Lyndie (because that’s why most of you are checking out the products) to come, so keep checking the site. But for now it’s pure unadulterated … uhh, T-shirts and such.

SUPPORT THE MAG THAT SUPPORTS FREERIDING, dammit! And tell us what kind of product you’d like to see us make in the future.

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