Bev Sanders, snowboard pioneer, Tranny award winner, and co-founder of Avalanche snowboards, has resigned her 17-year marketing position to pursue her new venture, Las Olas. Las Olas, an adventure travel operation for women, was officially launched one year ago after Bev began organizing trips to Mexico with her friends in search of perfect surf.

Las Olas, (the waves) features a week-long surf instruction program directed by the Surf Diva surf school instructors. In addition to surfing, guests enjoy yoga lessons, kayaking, massage, good food, and relaxation at surf-side villas. Currently Las Olas runs over twelve sessions per year, each session selling out well in advance. After leaving her long-time career with Avalanche, Bev commented, “Ità'¹s like graduating from high school. Ità'¹s a little sad, but really exciting to move ahead.”

With plans to expand, Las Olas is considering offering snowboard trips for women to locations in Austria and Italy in 2001. “I intend to stay involved with snowboarding enough to crusade the womenà'¹s product line. Ità'¹s important to me to ride what I like and be able to offer good choices for women.”

Chris Sanders, Bevà'¹s husband, partner, and co-founder of Avalanche, still remains at Avalancheà'¹s parent company, A Sport as product designer and art director.

Information on Las Olas can be found at the Las Olas Web site,