Snowbird on a Pow Day

While out in Park City, Utah last week helping out Carlino with our 20 Tricks movie that’ll be out this fall, I got a call from DC’s Sean Lake who was catching a last minute flight out to Utah from San Diego. The reason for the trip and the phone call was totally work related, you know, “chairlift meetings”. In this case “tram meetings” would be a better fit since we were heading up to Snowbird to ride all the new snow that was supposed to be falling that night--totally work related. A lot of resorts will claim two feet when really all they got was a dusting, Snowbird on the other hand will say they got 10 inches when we were riding knee deep snow in more than some areas of the mountain. And that place is a mountain for sure, forget about a park. I hadn’t ridden there in over ten years, and it is insane, especially if you are with some people that know where they are going--people like Pouch, Lake, Nick Olsen, and Benny Pellegrino from MiloSport. All in all it was probably the best day ever. I snapped off a few photos but mostly was tied up in “meetings” all day. I hope you understand.