Utah Pow Day In June With Forrest Shearer

Photographer Andrew Miller and shredder Forrest Shearer did some hiking in Utah this week and stumbled upon a bit of fresh pow. Leave it to these guys to find a foot of fresh snow mid-summer, “Happiness rules all. Enjoy life and ride every day you can.” Read on:

“The Winter that keeps on giving”

Looking out a cafe window during a mid morning meeting on tuesday it was hard not to day dream. It was raining hard. I had a feeling that it wasn’t time to hang up my splitboard just yet. Being a snowboarder who lives for fresh powder, I religiously check the NOAA website nonstop when storms are on the way. Being June 17th I hadn’t seen fresh snow in weeks. Will it be cold enough to snow? With an inside scoop I received a photo of the plaza deck at the Bird. It wasn’t just any photo, it was a powder photo. The kind that gets you all squinty eyed trying to closely examine how much snow is up there. It was snowing hard up in the mountains and that was a good enough for me. I called up photographer Andrew Miller that night and some how convinced him to dig out his shred gear and join me for a tour at Alta early the next day. Trust me, I said. As the alarm went off I jumped up in fire drill mode getting my gear on and out the door in seconds. Fresh snow on the mind does the trick. Driving up the canyon with senses electrified, morning light revealed snow topped craggy peaks.

There something about early season snow storms or be it late June quick fronts like this one that leave the mountains with a fresh coat of white paint with earth and rock shining through. It just looks gnarly. Blue skies and Over a foot of cold, fluffy, dry pow greeted us as we parked at the Alta lot. You could tell the word got out fast. With a hungry powder militia already on the trail getting their turns in before work, Main Chute was instantly turned into a battle field. As our plans changed we both figured why not just enjoy the day and get some fresh turns in. No stress needed. Sunglasses check, Sunscreen check, splitboard check, it’s on! The snow was blower as I proceeded to shred a couple pow stashes searching out the deep spots and throwing up large quantities of snow into the air. Stopping to switch over I watched my friend Andrew hovercraft through the goods leaving a trail of white in his wake. Running into an old timer on the skin track made me think about my priorities in life. Happiness rules all. Enjoy life and ride every day you can. With temps expected to hit 70 on Saturday. I’m looking forward to anything with snow and winter in the same sentence. See you in the mountains! – Forrest Shearer