Snow Monsters-The Movie!

Do you have young children who’ll be learning to snowboard or ski anytime soon? If the answer isyes, then international snowboard corespondent and Durango, Colorado bon vivant Jack Turner hascreated a snowboard movie that might be worth your while. Snow Monsters, a Sirdar video release shot onlocation in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is a fun and entertaining introduction to the entire learningexperience.

Leaning a bit to the garage-tech side, it’s a humble production that succeeds nonetheless.Snowball the Snow Tiger (and chief Snow Monster) and the rest of his goofy gang can only be seen by kids,of course. Before their lesson starts, Snowball takes skier Grady and his younger snowboarding sisterHannah on a magical journey to show them what their day on the slopes will be like. A little nervous at first,both Hannah and Grady are having a blast in no time.

Throughout the imaginary tour, the kids meet all sorts of people, like lift operators, patrollers, and instructors. They also run into those crazy Snow Snakes, Powder Pigs, and Mogul Gophers. Snow Monsters is helped immensely by good footage of real kids atSteamboat having a great time riding and skiing, as well as spirited performances by Hannah Turner, theSnowboard Beavers, and the Blizzard Babies. The 32-minute-long video packs a surprising amount ofvaluable safety tips and mountain information-from getting on and off lifts and reading resort signs, to findingsafe places on the slope to stop. The video also encourages lessons and stresses the importance of usingyour head at all times while sliding around on snow.

As a capper, Sirdar secured John Lee Hooker and Big Head Todd & the Monsters for the soundtrack to supplement Turner’s own project on Why Knot Records. It’s a good movie-sock puppets, school-mascot costumes, neon-wigged skiboarders, and all. For moreinformation, call (970) 247-3435 or send a check for $14.95 (plus $3.95 for shipping and handling) to:Sirdar, 1832 Crestview Drive, Durango, Colorado 81301.-E.M.