Snow Creation Int. Signs Snow Park Tech. and The Familie

Snow Creation International (SCI), creators of the revolutionary indoor ski and snowboarding facility SnowLab, signed an exclusive agreement with Snow Park Technology (SPT) to design and oversee the terrain and feature layout of the facility, and to advise on key areas of the project. SPT is the leader in snowboard park terrain design. They have designed and built terrain for top action sport venues such as ESPN’s Winter X Games and The World Snowboarding Championship and MTV’s Snowed In. SPT has also provided services to the nation’s top ski resorts, including: Snow Summit, Big Bear Mountain, Vail, Beaver Creek, Jackson Hole, and many others.

“I have always been interested in the concept of a completely climate controlled Super Pipe, and once designed and built, the Snowlab Super Pipe will be as close to perfection as possible and stay in that condition 365 days a year”, commented president of SPT, Chris “Gunny” Gunnerson.

The main focus of SPT will be to design the first regulation size Super Pipe and SlopeStyle course at SnowLab. The slope floor, over 1,100 feet long, is designed with numerous terrain features, including: rails, tables, fun boxes and jumps.

“I speak for all professional snowboarders in saying that Gunny is the most respected terrain designer in the world”, commented pro-snowboarder, Todd Richards.

High quality courses at Snowlab, designed by Gunnerson, will allow boarders to focus on progressing their level of snowboarding and skiing year round. In addition, terrain areas will be under constant video coverage, which enable users to view themselves on time delayed playback monitors and watch for areas of improvement.

Signing on SPT is consistent with SCI’s goal of possessing a deep market understanding and key industry alliances. SCI is successfully leveraging expertise with the talent of the likes of Gunnerson. The industry’s top suppliers, consultants, sponsors and athletes can feel confident that they are choosing to be part of a quality, groundbreaking concept in action sports. Soon to be the ultimate destination in year round snow sports, SnowLab promises to revolutionize snow driven sports with careful attention to planning and detail. SCI’s Snowlab will soon fuse the fastest growing sport in the US, snowboarding, with the fastest growing US city, Las Vegas, Nevada. Planned to open in late 2003, Snowlab will offer year-round fun to boarders and skiers of all levels. Future US sites for SnowLab include Atlanta, opening in late 2004.

SCI has retained The Familie, the premier action sports marketing agency based in Carlsbad, California, to launch “SnowLab”.

The Familie will play an integral role in driving all marketing associated with the opening of SnowLab and in the creation of the SnowLab brand and experience. As part of a 14-month multi-phase marketing plan, The Familie will introduce SCI to the action-sports industry and to other outside companies. The Familie will also work to develop long-term partnerships between SCI and potential sponsors to ensure that SnowLab is representative of the authentic core image of the action sports lifestyle.

Marketing executives at The Familie are using their expertise of the action sports world in combination with their knowledge of SCI’s business, goals, strategies and unique characteristics to architect a solid marketing platform. General consulting as it relates to events, television, video and creative services will be managed and executed by The Familie. In addition, to help ensure that the SnowLab image is consistent with the core image of it’s target market, the creative division at The Familie will oversee and advise SCI on all its plans for graphic, video and media. Later phases of The Familie’s long-term marketing plans for SCI and SnowLab will include the formalization of contracts with corporate partners, the media and other outside companies.