Sneak Peek: Echo Mountain Park

Last weekend, Echo Mountain Park opened for a super DL shred session. Colorado got hit hard with snow, and Echo pocketed more than thirty-two inches. With the mountain officially closed, select riders gathered and management gave the thumbs-up for a two day private session.

In case you don’t know, Echo is Colorado’s newest resort, just thirty-five miles outside Denver and totally dedicated to park riding. It’s got night riding, sick rails by Planet Snow Design, and at 10,650 feet, it averages 215 inches of snow a year. Echo is very progressive, and the hotspot for Denver residents not willing to tolerate the I-70 traffic. To sum up Echo, it’s pretty much the Anti-Vail.

The session kicked off with powder turns in the parking lot, powder turns all around, and then some rail schralping on one of the lodge’s rails. Soon after, someone got the idea of a rail-gap-step-down, and it was on. Dudes were getting legit shots, and it wasn’t even Halloween yet. About twenty heads from Summit, Boulder, and Denver showed up.

The next day, word got out and celebrity shreds; Andreas Wiig, Mike Casanova, Jason Legge, and Doran Laybourn stopped off to check it out. The run was loaded with powder and the guys warmed up for the season with some pow laps. Legge was thinking all business and stepped up with backside rodeos over the rail-gap-step-down--it was pretty much insane. We called the shoot shortly after and now my cell phone won’t stop ringing with people wanting to hit it up. Echo will officially open in mid-November.

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