It’s here! The newest, biggest issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding is out now. It’s the one we’ve been anxiously waiting to tell you all about!  If you’re not already a subscriber you can subscribe here or get an instant downloadable digital copy from

Peetu Piiroinen. PHOTO: Adam Moran

Peetu Piiroinen. PHOTO: Adam Moran

Here's a look inside our biggest issue of the year—there’s more that we can’t show you including a pull out poster of Andreas Wiig, a look at LNP’s kit, step-by-step directions on making a splitboard, how to do a switch front three (and seven), an overview of Waterville Valley’s Exhibition Park, and more, more, more—did we mention the fourteen pages of stacked Wallpaper?!

crazy8. TransWorld SNOWboarding January issue 23.5

8 Influential Interviews

We chose eight riders who we know are going to be the next household names (some of them a mouthful). What does it take to go pro in these down times? Major moves—these riders have them. Read, learn, and maybe follow in their tracks (point it!)

deeper. TransWorld SNOWboarding January issue 23.5

The Last Frontier

Alaska—maybe you’ve been there, but you’ve never done that! By “that,” we’re talking about camping for 27 days straight on a glacier and splitboarding up massive, jagged, terrifying peaks … and then shredding them to pieces. Read all about Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Johan Olofsson, and Jonaven Moore’s latest adventure—National Geographic Adventure and Outside have nothing on TWS this month.

Lebanon.TransWorld SNOWboarding January issue 23.5

Proceed With Caution

This TransWorld crew almost meets their makers during a tense hostage situation with Hezbollah. Louif Paradis sums it up: “It was like the perfect kidnapped-foreigners-scenario.” Read it with the lights on—it’s the stuff of nightmares.

Did you already get your copy? Let us know what you think below … if you’re not too busy shredding deep pow that is. Don’t worry, we’ll be here cranking out the rest of your subscription. No that’s cool. Have fun without us. Love, TWS.