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Jeremy Jones/TWS December 2009

Here’s a little peak to what’s in this issue, but we’re only scratching the surface: Kevin Pearce spills on his pipe game plan, we teach you to fix a base gouge, how to shred KT-22 at Squaw, and blow out your eyeballs with a stacked Wallpaper section … and so much more.


Sleep When You're Dead: Night Riding

We break down all the reasons that night riding rules and include a quick list of our favorites. Grab your clear lenses—TONIGHT, WE RIDE!

December Looks

Looks That Kill

The season is dropping quicker than frozen snot in a hot lodge. You've got your board, boots, and bindings figured out, but what the hell are you going to wear? We've got this season's styles covered—but it's up to you to decide if your fashion sense leans more toward Louie Vito or Jed Anderson.


Austria: Everything You Need To Go There Now!

Got plans for the winter? In this feature, the TWS editors skipped the "Ten places you should ride before you die list" and went straight to number one: Arlberg, Austria, dropping knowledge on everything from where to stay, where to ride, and how to plan your trip, with plenty of juicy photos to lure you in.


Salt Lake Shred City

How long have you been in it for? Do you remember when Summit County was the epicenter of shreddom? Can you remember back to the Tahoe days—c'mon for real?! Well, we're claiming SLC is IT right now, check the article to decide if we're on the money or a day late and a latte short.