PHOTOS: Ben Birk
VIDEO: Wojtek Targosz

WORDS: Adam Kisel

Skullcandy presents the 2013 TransAm from Northstar California: Recap

Northstar California has always left everyone guessing on what will happen, this year's TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm presented by Skullcandy was no exception. Now, I am not talking about the riding because the kids have seen the best roll through their resort and have able to emulate greatness in their own right. The other consistent fact is Mike Schipani and the Northstar Park Crew can build in any weather. The weather has been the mystery, two years before it was three feet of snow, last year it was low levels of snow, and this year was right in the middle with decent snow and blazing 60-degree temperatures.

The spring like conditions did not stop Tommy Gesme, who was building his own defense of his previous year's championship run. Gesme aired high above the rest dropping into the Sanuk standing wave feature that had two higher options for step down jumps and one option to launch deep from the lip through the middle step up.  Mariah Dugan refused to step away from last year's podium win as well. Dugan set the course a blaze with a full bag of tricks on the up box to Skullcandy Cassette set up. The cassette could be hit head on or from the side and most riders took advantage of all the options. Colin Just went shirtless for most of the contest until he had to wear a finals shirt, but that did not stop him from charging through the Wild West bar doors and into the Ride Snowboards "Get Buck Wild" Wild West bar top with stools to boot. Dante Schipani roughly as tall as one of the Muscle Milk fence pieces was thirsty for more as he sent it to the sun and back over the Muscle Milk tower of triumph. Jess Gibson turned up the heat switch and made everyone sweat with her dance moves through the Giro Helmet double rails to pyramid jib.

Jordan Welter moved like he was riding on hot coals sending it all the way to the top of the Coal Headwear wall ride to redirect that stood tall at the bottom of the park. Jeff Brewer saw a mirage amidst the heat, but what stood in his way was the Zumiez couch that could be hit from the side for hand plants or straight on like a rail. Brewer came up a little short, but still won big with best crash. The Anon Optics pyramid jib was not an illusion and the visionary was Claire Demeyer.  Demeyer watched herself in the mirror of goggle lenses as she slayed the Anon set up.

The after party was a full buffet down in the village and Ride Snowboards served up snowboards, hoodies, and cowboy hats. Winners rode off into the sunset with custom Skullcandy TransAm Aviator and Cassette headphones, custom TransAm Coal beanies, Giro Helmets, custom High Cascade Snowboard Camp backpacks, Wend Wax, Zumiez gift cards, Sanuk footwear, and Anon goggles. Top winners are being flown out to Park City for finals by Zumiez and were given Epiphone heavy metal guitar trophies from TransWorld SNOWboarding. Muscle Milk gave out 200 bucks for the Rider's Choice Award. The heated rivalry continues as the tour looks to center stage and a park build showdown between Bear Mountain and Park City for the final two stops!


Photo: Ben Birk


1st Mariah Dugan

2nd Jess Gibson

3rd Claire Demeyer



1st Tommy Gesme

2nd Jordan Welter

3rd Dan Sondergaard

Muscle Milk Rider's Choice- Colin Just

Zumiez Best Trick- Tommy Gesme

Pint Sized Ripper- Dante Schipani

Worst Crash- Jeff Brewer

If you make it to the Park City stop, be sure to check out the free concert series presented by Skullcandy.