Photos: Greg Furey

Video: Justin Gunson

Word by Adam Kisiel

There is a lot to be said about battling back especially in a state like Pennsylvania that has the battlefield of Gettysburg and a rivalry of two hockey teams dubbed battleground Pennsylvania. On the day that the Penguins and Flyers would battle it out for the start of the NHL season after a lockout, Jeremy Anderson and the Seven Springs Park Crew would battle to set the stage for the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm presented by Skullcandy. The week before the TransAm temperatures soared to 60 degrees and the sky opened up to drench the resort with over two inches of rain. Anderson and crew basically had to start over, taking advantage of cold temps to leave snow guns on to cover the dirt exposed by the rain.

AJ Lawson was seeking a fresh start as well, coming off a third place in New Jersey, he made the drive to PA to ride another day. Lawson, who was solid throughout the park, made the Ride Snowboards S Rail look easy. He creased the whole S on the first drop in and spinning 360 out. It wasn't just one trick to propel the up and comer to first place, but a keen attention to the rest of the field as well as the many options of every feature. Theresa Kewley also stepped into the fray with confidence as she hit both of the Giro down rails, one with a huge gap on and the other that was 40 feet in length. Josh Zerkel would take advantage of a line change, using the Sanuk rail, set on top of smooth transition, to gap to the Giro down Rail with ease. Sam Mierley was fast on his feet, with a double deke through the rhythm section that contained the Skullcandy Cassette and the Anon Tube Rail. Mierley would hold his speed and air over the Skullcandy Cassette and spin 270 on and off of the Anon rail to earn the Pint Sized Ripper Award.

Carly Harrington took off the gloves to tangle with the Zumiez Couch that was set up as a flat rail to down rail. Harrington made the judges take notice with her stick play and stepped onto the podium in the second place position. The definition of roughing in hockey is an infraction that incurs either a minor or major penalty for actions considered over and above normal checking. Trevor Eichelberger was charged for roughing in his many tries for a gap from down rail to down rail that gave him the penalty of roughing on the snow throughout the day. He spent enough time in the box to earn him the Best Crash Award.  The Muscle Milk Tower Of Triumph was set up as a pole jam to parallel fence jib. Luci Imbach had plenty of one-timer shots at the Muscle Milk feature and a well-aimed slap shot to third place.

The pizza party and awards ceremony was a celebration of fun and a look back at an unbridled day of riding. Winners took home goggles from Anon Optics, Ride Snowboards, Custom TransAm beanies from Coal Headwear, Zumiez gift cards, as well as Custom TransAm Cassette and Aviator Headphones from Skullcandy. All these prizes were carried out in custom High Cascade Snowboard Camp backpacks. First Place winners won flight vouchers from Zumiez and Skullcandy VIP treatment at Park City for TransAm finals. AJ Lawson won the Muscle Milk Rider's Choice Award, but in true class gave his award to Trevor Eichelberger for his heavy riding throughout the day. Zumiez Best Trick Award went to Jay Kurz with his backside 270 on the 40 foot Giro down rail.  Giro Helmets, Wend Wax, and Sanuk also rounded out the prize packs that accompanied the smiles on every rider's face. The heaviest of trophies were in the form of Epiphone heavy metal guitars engraved with the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm logo and stop location for each first place winner.  As we inch closer to the halfway mark of this tour of mayhem, I can't help to wonder what future stops will do to outshine what we have seen on the right coast.


1st AJ Lawson

2nd Josh Zerkel

3rd Cooper Thomas


1st Theresa Kewley

2nd Carly Harrington

3rd Luci Imbach

Muscle Milk Rider's Choice- AJ Lawson

Zumiez Best Trick- Jay Kurz

Worst Crash Award- Trevor Eichelberger

Pint Sized Ripper Award- Sam Mierley


This is some pop…PHOTO: Greg Furey