Video: Mike Theines

Photos: Greg Furey

Words: Adam Kisel

Skullcandy Presents the 2013 TransAm at Powder Ridge: Full Recap

We all had a look of worry on our faces looking at the prior week's subzero temperatures approaching the weekend of the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm presented by Skullcandy at Powder Ridge, Minnesota. Michael Wiener and the Powder Ridge Park Crew worked through the night before contest day to shape out a park that is designed to be much different than any other contest held this season. The features are designed to be that of which have never been seen in the park before, not just your regular down rail set up. Wiener and crew put so much effort into the build they ended up shattering their own boxes in the freezing temps to make the event happen.

Joey Peterson, who shattered almost everything in his path, earned himself best trick on the down flat down close out that was included in the Coal Headwear combination feature. Peterson rode with such reckless abandon that he was seen taking different lines throughout the course nearly out of breath. He would go on to take top honors for the guys. Chris Eck did not have any problem busting through the western style double doors into the Ride Snowboards lift tower jib.  He held his speed to make it through the bold feature, but slid right into the second place spot. Deelia Gage also took advantage of the cold snow and fast surface by throwing herself into several of the features. Her most notable performance was on the Skullcandy cassette that was set up on an angle. She rolled in with a ton of speed, but her pop onto the cassette left her nose down to catch on the end of the feature.  She fell completely into the best crash award and was still smiling.

Matt Chase, who was also smiling so much throughout the day his teeth were frozen, spread the praises of such an awesome day. He rode like he was walking on sunshine as well with solid gaps and bonks over the Zumiez couch set up sideways. It was not just his performance on one feature that sealed the deal on his win of the Muscle Milk Rider's Choice, but a plethora of tricks to please any spectator. Ally Goebel flexed her riding strength on the Muscle Milk fence pieces set up as a jib and wall ride. Goebel would air her way past the tower of triumph into top honors for the gals. Luke Zajac easily cleared the Sanuk standing wave feature to stair set up and earned the pint sized ripper award.  Tanya Zarling's dance on the Anon Optics rail was anything but pint sized as she hit the Anon feature at nearly every angle possible.  Dan Spooner turned heads on the Giro Helmets down rail airing over the steps to grease the entire down rail with proper style.

The heat of the day's riding led riders into a hot pizza party indoors away from the cold sixteen-degree day. Top honors took home Ride Snowboards, Anon goggles, Wend Wax, Giro Helmets, custom High Cascade backpacks, and custom Skullcandy TransAm Cassette and Aviator headphones.  The winners were able to keep their heads warm with custom TransAm Coal beanies and their feet dry with Sanuk footwear. Zumiez gave out gift cards to everyone and flight vouchers to finals for the first place winners.  Muscle Milk awarded 200 dollars to the Rider's Choice winner, Matt Chase. The trophies awarded by TransWorld SNOWboarding were heavy metal Epiphone guitars engrave with the stop location and TransAm logo. Minnesota has always been a crazy stop on this tour of eleven years, but everyone is anxious to see what happens in the Rockies at Keystone Colorado next!



1st Joey Peterson

2nd Chris Eck

3rd Dan Spooner


1st Ally Goebel

2nd Tanya Zarling

3rd Justine Pinkerton

Zumiez Best Trick- Joey Peterson (gap backside 360 to backside 180 on the down flat down rail)

Muscle Milk Rider's Choice- Matt Chase

Best Crash Award- Deelia Gage

Pint Sized Ripper Award- Luke Zajac