Words by Adam Kisiel

As we travel west with the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm presented by Skullcandy, we can't help but feel the excitement in the air.  A stoke fueled by the fact that we are heading to bigger resorts, deeper snow, and a tone of righteousness that is carried by such park builders as Kevin Laverty and the Keystone Park Crew.  Kevin let his crew with their building skills and creative minds do the talking. It's a personnel that works year round on parks both in CO and down in the southern hemisphere for the summer.  The result was the best park features built in a single weekend in the entire state of Colorado, a place that is known for big parks and sunny days.

The day was a mix of sunshine and fresh snow that kept the smiles on each rider's face brimming from ear to ear. MJ Aresenault used his full arsenal of tricks especially over the Coal Headwear combination feature.  The feature had three different take off options, one of which was a huge pole jam to sugar drop bonk.  Aresenault was solid throughout the park, snow or shine riding his way into first place.  Christy Prior, having no prior experience in the Keystone TransAm Park, made it look as if she had designed every feature.  Her light feet through the quarter pipe to Skullcandy Cassette were ideal to stall on top of the cassette tape or have the option to ride down the rail set up on the downward corner of the quarter pipe.  Prior turned up the volume and earned first place for the gals.  Steve Lauder wanted to rock out even louder as he made his way through the huge corrugated metal tube, past the Ride Snowboards western style double doors and into the "Get Buck Wild" down rail.  The feature also had an outside air option that had riders either hitting the tube from the side or up and over, many times in coordination with another rider ripping through the middle.

Carson Anderson made the day shine brighter with his riding especially through the Giro Helmets Z rail.  Anderson cleared the snow out of the air and let the sun shine as he took second place under the blue skies.  The Muscle Milk Tower of Triumph was standing tall in the center of the park at the bottom.  Darien Gidd held her speed to hit the double fence piece jib up to the tower or hip the whole feature from the side.  Nonetheless, the crowd was giddy with the view of her nonstop trickery.  Anon Optics had the pyramid tube jib set up in the corner where it could be hit from every side.  Sean Murphy would do just that, but also threw an allyoop back rodeo in another part of the park to earn himself the Zumiez best trick.  Zumiez had the couch sitting in the start of a down flat down rail and Josh Boeser would refuse to lounge until he walked away with the Muscle Milk Rider's Choice award, but not without injury.  Courtney Cox finished off the day by hitting the Sanuk shoebox to standing wave lift tube jib, getting pitted in the rocky mountain swell.

The day was topped off with a pizza party and awards ceremony.  Top winners walked away with custom TransAm Skullcandy Aviator and Cassette headphones, custom TransAm Coal beanies, free footwear from Sanuk, Wend Wax, Giro Helmets, and gift cards from Zumiez.  They could protect their eyes from the bright Colorado sun with Anon goggles, rip through the fresh with Ride Snowboards, and do it all in style with custom High Cascade Snowboard Camp backpacks.  Muscle Milk awarded 200 dollars to the Rider's Choice winner, Josh Boeser.  Zumiez gave a couch check in Zumiez money to Sean Murphy for the best trick.  The first place trophies were presented in rocking style by way of the heavy metal Epiphone guitars engraved with the stop location and TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm logo.  We will keep rolling through the Wild West into the Pacific Northwest to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.  You will hear and see the mayhem as we ride with guns blazing to bring the fun to your mountain face.


Final Results:


1st MJ Arsenault

2nd Carson Anderson

3rd Steve Lauder


1st Christy Prior

2nd Darien Gidd

3rd Courtney Cox

Zumiez Best Trick- Sean Murphy (ally-oop back rodeo)

Muscle Milk Rider's Choice- Josh Boeser

Best Crash Award- Josh Boeser



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