Sims Snowboards Sponsors “Gen Pop” and “Notice To Appear”

Sims Snowboards is pleased to announce the sponsorship of Finger on Da Triggers’ “General Population” and Standards Films’ “Notice To Appear,” due out September 2002.

This year the Sims riders were asked to choose which film companies they wanted to work with. After much consideration of all the film companies out there, Standard Films and Finger on Da Trigger were selected.

Standard Films has long been known for its great cinematography and amazing big-mountain riding. This year Standard plans on turning it up a notch with some new faces, scary places and a new list of freestyle riders like new Sims rider Josh Feliciano.

Finger on the Trigger was chosen for its raw skate style filming and editing. After the release and much success of Finger’s first film, “Represent”, Finger made its mark on the industry by introducing fresh faces and is now the video to watch for the next big rider.

Both films will feature the riding of Marc Frank Montoya, Kurt Wastell, Brian Thien, Jason Murphy, Jordan Mendenhall and Josh Feliciano.

Sims Snowboards has continued to advance snowboarding and snowboarding-related products since Tom’s first wood-shop class project in 1963. To this day, Sims Snowboards manufactures snowboards, boots, outerwear and Link bindings as an alternative to the common winter sports pastime.

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