Sims snowboards has always been know for great product and a dynamic team. The 2003 program is no different and the team is as follows.

Marc Frank Montoya (Utah)- MFM is the backbone of the Sims team. He has been on the Sims team for three years. In that time has had numerous video parts in Mack Dawg Productions, Kingpin Production and Finger on Da trigger and to many photos in magazines to count. He will have 6 boards for the 03-04 season. Mark is in the top three on TWS 2002-2003 coverage meter. Known as “MFM”, Marc is one of the most explosive riders to date. Marc is in the 2003 X games. His other sponsors are Osiris, Technine, Spy, DUB, Korda, Hot Skates and Drop.

Tina Basich (Tahoe)- Tina has been a part of Sims for close to a decade. She will have 4 boards. She is able to get coverage and exposure in areas that cater to the main stream market. She will be featured in the major Hollywood film “Eyes wide Open”. Tina will also have two video game characters, a book and recently appeared on Montel Williams. Tina’s other sponsors are Airwalk, 241, Nixon, Hurley and Smith.

Nico Droz (France)-Nico is our most talented athlete, both in snowboarding and in skateboarding. He has a tremendous amount of respect from his peers and is one of the best riders in Europe. He will have 2 boards for 03-04. Nico will also act as a team manager for Europe. Nico will be in the 2003 X Games. Nico’s other sponsors are 32, Etnies, Anon Special Blend and Street Machine

Josh Feliciano (Tahoe)- Josh is the future rider for Sims. He can ride the pipe, park, rails and big mountains. Josh lives in Tahoe and will be filming with Kingpin Productions this year. He rides wide boards, which have allowed him to stomp his landings in 3 contests in 3 weeks that resulted in $40,000 dollars in prize money for the 2002 season, not bad for being 17. Josh will be in the X games. Sims will have 3 riders in the X games. Josh’s other sponsors are Oakley, Osiris, Furnace and Techinine.

Ricky Gatterdam (Tahoe)- Ricky is the next up and coming rider. Ricky is out of Tahoe and is filming with Kingpin Productions this year. We expect great things from Ricky. Ricky’s other sponsors are Sessions, Oakley, and Osiris

Daryl Trinidad (Whislter)- Trini is the newest member of the Sims team. He is originally from Toronto as now lives is in Whistler. Trini is one the next up and coming stars to some out of Canada. He is a much-needed addition to the Sims team. Trini will be filing with Finger on DA Trigger and Standard Films. His other sponsors are Helly Hansen, Spy, Technine, and Osiris.


Neil “Steezo” Provo (Utah)- At only 14 years old, Neil rides like a man, he has already had two video parts under his belt. Neil is straight out of Park City Utah. Neil’s other sponsors are Matix, Analog, Spy, Northwave and Technine

Sammy Luebke (Mammoth)- “Out of control” are the words to describe Sammy. At age 13 he is one to reckon with in the pipe or park. Sammy lives in Mammoth and will be filing with Finger on Da trigger. Sammys other sponsors are Oakley, Ambiguous Clothing and Furnace.

Casey Nelson (Utah)- Casey is known in the Utah area for his wide bag of tricks and clean style. He recently won the Park City Forum Young Blood competition and will be in the finals at Bear Mountain. He will be filming with Finger on Da Trigger this year. Casey’s other sponsors are Iris, DUB, Vans and Technine.

Eric Christensen (Utah)- After an impressive part in “Gen Pop” we decided that “EC” should be on the Sims program. There is not much to say about Eric because he let’s his riding speak for him. Eric rides for Sims and Technine, we expect good things from him this year.

Mike Osachuck (Whistler)- Mike has been on the program for 3 years and has placed in the top 3 in many of the Canadian contests in the past two years. He is also filming with Finger on Da Trigger. Mikey rides Sims boots, boards and bindings.

Brad Makepeace (Whistler)-Brad is a local Whistler kid. He comes from a long of great snowboarders. Brad will be filming with Finger on Da Trigger. Brad also plays in a band that can be seen in some of the bars around Whistler. Brad will be filming with Finger on Da Trigger this year.

Sims Snowboards has continued to advance snowboarding and snowboarding related products since Tom’s first wood-shop class project in 1963. To this day, Sims Snowboards manufactures snowboards, boots, outerwear and Link bindings as an alternative to the common winter sports pastime.