Sims Rider Murphy Gets Amped Game Cover

Now that our holiday hangovers have turned into just weekend hangovers, Sims Snowboards is pleased to announce that Jason Murphy received the cover of Microsoft X Box’s video game “Amped”. Raising his arms Rocky Balboa-style, Murph was as excited about the honor as we were.

Along with Jason Murphy, Kurt Wastell and Jordan Mendenhall are also included as riders in the game. We here at the Sims office have rated “Amped” the best snowboard video game to hit the market so far, as long as you play your own music over the game’s “way rad, stoked, killer…” voice soundtrack. Leave the corny extreme lingo to the X Games professionals.

Pick it up at your local video game store, and if you don’t see it, demand that the misunderstood emo kid behind the counter order it for you.

Thanks, Sims Snowboards