Sims Re-signs Tina Basich

Sims is pleased to announce that it has re-signed Tina Basich to the 2004Sims professional team.

Travis Wood Director of Marketing for Sims Snowboard stated “Tina is a solidforce in women’s snowboarding and women’s sports, we are proud of heraccomplishments and grateful that she has a part of Sims for so many years”.

Tina is having an amazing year that included the release of her book “Prettygood for a girl” as well as appearing on the Sharon Osbourne Show, theMontel Williams Show, CNN and had a part in Artisan films movie “Keep youreyes open”. If that wasn’t enough she is also the host of the new TV showGKA (girls kick a$$) for Fuel on Fox Sports. Tina is currently working on anumber of interviews for magazines including Heckler, YM and Frequency. “TheSims team for 2004 is the best yet, I’m proud to be a part of the team. MySims boards are always solid and it’s a comfort to be able to depend on myequipment through all of my travels and all riding conditions. Tom Simssponsored me with my first free snowboard at the 1987 World snowboardingchampionships in Breckenridge” says Tina.

The 2004 Sims team is Marc Frank Montoya, Tina Basich, Chris Dufficy, IikkaBackstrom, Casey Nelson, John Jackson, Josh Feliciano, Jon Roth, DarylTrinidad and Dave Short.

Sims Snowboards has continued to advance snowboarding and snowboardingrelated products since Tom’s first wood-shop class project in 1963. To thisday, Sims Snowboards manufactures snowboards, boots, outerwear and Linkbindings as an alternative to the common winter sports pastime.

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