Sims Pros Head On Promo Tour

Arriving Monday, September 18 in Stockholm, Sweden, Sims Team 2000 will be embarking on a three-week tour to promote Mack Dawg’s “Amp” and Whitey’s “Destroyer” movies.

Globetrotting team members include Tina Basich, Tara Dakides, Kurt Wastell, Jordan Mendenhall, Nicholas Droz, Brian Thien, Marc Frank Montoya, and new Transworld Snowboarding cover boy, Jason Murphy. Along with the premieres, the team will be appearing at shops and soaking up the overseas nightlife.

Destinations include Sweden, Norway, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and ten cities throughout Japan. The total tour will consist of eight countries, seventeen cities and will last 21 days.

Look for future transmissions updating the team’s traveling status