Sims Launches New Web Site

It’s that time of the year again, sweltering heat and not enough air conditioning. It has to make you wonder why we would be talking about snowboarding. We here at Sims are so excited about the new 03-04 product that we couldn’t wait until winter to show case the product online. We couldn’t even wait until fall; we had to do it now.

Check out all the latest at to see the entirely new developed line of product from Sims including the new Titanium LINK, the SEDITION series with GWAR graphics, the FADER Series featuring world famous Vivid Video girls and the ESSENCE series that made Transworld Snowboardings TOP TEN GOOD WOOD. will also feature the 2003-2004 Sims team, the latest Sims news and a Sims dealer locator. To find out more go to

Sims Snowboards has continued to advance snowboarding and snowboarding related products since Tom’s first wood-shop class project in 1963. To this day, Sims Snowboards manufactures snowboards, boots, outerwear and Link bindings as an alternative to the common winter sports pastime.

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