Sims Hires New Rep’s, Prepares For Season

Sims Snowboards is pleased to announce the addition of Brandon Dodd and Andrew Boucher as the new Sales Rep’s for Southern and Northern California. “The Dodd Agency is a great addition to our team and will definitely help our business in California” said Gareth Knocker, director of sales. Brandon and his agency are already on the road servicing and supporting Sims dealers. Brandon’s agency also represents O’Neill. You can see your local California Sims rep’s in their new Sims Montoya deckled demo vans. Brandon can be reached at 949-388-2601 or and Andrew at 530-295-1873 or

Steve Norwood is now representing Sims for the Rocky Mountain region “Steve is a great rep for this territory because of his reputation for professionalism and passion for the lines he carries ” said Gareth Knocker. Steve also represents World Industries, Apollo Backpacks, Axion Footwear and November clothing. He can be reached at 719-486-1748 or

In the Mid West Tim Simonson will bring the word of Sims to his local shop parishioners. “Tim brings experience and leadership to the territory and regardless of his inability to shave on a daily basis really is the right guy for the job” said Gareth. Tim can be reached at 216-932-8913 or Tim also goes by his stage name “Blaze.”

New England also has a new addition; Joe Cerina has made it through our battery of tests and has come out a better man for it. Joe passed the IQ portion of our tests while the jury is still out and missing on his affiliation with “organized crime.” Joe can be reached at 413-256-3323 or Joe likes to meet with his customers in vacant parking lots and the local ballet’s…

“It’s time for Sims to focus and direct all of our resources into product, team and the ability to deliver on time. I believe that we’re guarantied success if we stick to those basic principals and continue to challenge the industry with innovative designs,” states Darren Robinson (Director of Product). Darren and his product group have been busting hump to upgrade all aspect of the product offering. The product team was able to successfully test our new board technologies and geometry’s below the equator in August. “The weather in Chile provided excellent test conditions to validate the performance properties of the product. With riders like Greta Brumbach (formerly of Ride) and Mike Paquette (formally of Burton) on your team quality feedback comes easy” said Darren.

Another addition to the product team is Jay Wailer (former boot designer at Ride). We have successfully been able to secure Jay’s boot design expertise for this coming season. This will reestablish our performance platform and help accelerate technology with in the boot category. In addition to this, Sims has completely reengineered the Link binding program to offer exciting performance alternatives. We will also be adding new products categories to the Sims line such as; helmets and snowdecks. “The 03-04 offer will be the most complete collecting of product that Sims has ever offered” quotes Darren.

Sims now more than ever has the resources to pull together people, product, sourcing and the creativity we need to bring to market product that is innovative and suited for it’s consumers base for 03-04. It’s been challenging the last six months but also exciting getting ready for the onslaught for next year. We have cleaned up a lot of the mistakes from the past Sims and with sound financial support and a young enthusiastic management team we want people to expect the unexpected from Sims for the upcoming season,” Said Gareth Knocker Director of Sales.

Sims Snowboards has continued to advance snowboarding and snowboarding related products since Tom’s first wood-shop class project in 1963. To this day, Sims Snowboards manufactures snowboards, boots, outerwear and Link bindings as an alternative to the common winter sports pastime..

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