Simon Chamberlain Wins Best Jibber At Slopestyle Japan

Simon Chamberlain was the crowd favorite at this years annual Slope Style event in Japan. Simon set the pace by winning the Rail Jam Saturday night, that’s the second year in a row for Simon! He netted himself $2,000 USD as well as the hearts of many fans. Simon and others spent hours signing autographs and taking pictures with adored fans. Stay tuned for more, as Simon tours Japan’s countryside and local shops. Sunday, Japanese Stepchild Rider Ryo Ishizaka placed 5th in the Slope Style. He had two solid runs which placed him top five of 32 riders in the event. Over all a great weekend for Stepchild!

Fredu and Simon took time off filming for Defective Films and headed over to Japan for the Toshiba Slope Style event. The day after landing in Japan Fredu ate some bad Fugu and was stuck in the hotel room for three days with his head in a bowl.

With the contest over and Fredu feeling better the boys are off to visit shops and deliver some high fives.

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