Silverzipper.Com Ships 8.6-Million Dollars In Wintersports Softgoods announced it has finalized plans to ship 8.6-million dollars in wintersports clothing and gear to more than 300 retailers in the United States and Canada for the upcoming season. This shipment will be completed between August 15 and September 1, and represents sales of’s three retail brands: Serac, Drift, and Ski Gear.

“It’s been an exciting challenge to integrate these recently acquired brands into the corporate structure and future vision,” said CEO Paul Palmeri. “We’re extremely proud of our sales team and operations department for being able to accomplish this both efficiently and profitably.” is already looking towards the 2001/2002 season and is implementing a full-scale, multimedia marketing campaign to create additional brand awareness and drive sales of its current brands.

“The growth that we’ve seen and that we expect to keep on seeing has been tremendous,” says Adam Runsdorf, President of

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