Silence and Avalanche Are Purchased!

A-Sport Inc. has sold its Snowboard brands to KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises, located in San Clemente, CA. KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises, Inc. currently owns companies in the public and private sector.

KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises is establishing a new Snowboard Company for these products and will call it Silence Snowboards Inc. Silence Snowboards will be located at 1062 Calle Negocio, Unit I, San Clemente, CA, 92673. Silence Snowboards’ new phone number is 949-369-0428 and the fax number is 949-369-0491.

Sales, Marketing, and Distribution will be located at the new San Clemente location for the Silence and Avalanche Snowboard Brands along with the Snow Pro Bindings.

Silence Snowboards (New Company) and A-Sport will be working closely together for the next 90-120 days to allow for the smooth transition of customer service and operations. Dale Rehberg, B. K. Norman, and Maureen Ter Horst will be relocating to San Clemente, California to aid in that transition.

Silence Snowboards is being funded by KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises, which is a well capitalized company that understands the value of brands and promotions. The benefits that this buy-out will produce will be very noticeable. “We plan on improving promotions to help move product and create a true brand identity for both Silence and Avalanche,” says Rehberg. The grass roots level of this plan will give both of these brands more recognition in all areas of the market.

This season’s line for Avalanche will focus mainly on product and price.”We are introducing a greater selection with a well rounded price structure,” states Norman.

Avalanche will be directed towards the mainstream snowboarder along with the price sensitive consumer who is looking for quality at an affordable price. A larger price pointselection, with a very creative dealer program, will help Avalanche products move off the shelf.

With the Silence brands, the company will focus on the more core rider that would like an alternative product to what is currently available in the market today. Silence will be adding a youth series of boards to its line this season in order to help get the younger people on the hill. Silence will be offering a great, well-rounded, line that will be sure to go up against all other brands. The new Company will focus on keeping Silence’s Northwest image. “We feel that the Northwest represents a truesnowboarding image,” says Norman. With this in mind, the new Company is talking with rider Mike Ranquet. “We hope to work this out, as Mike offers history, image, and he is still one of the best riders in the world,” says Rehberg.

We are also talking with riders Ami Voutilainen, who has been with Silence for many years now, along with up and comer Mike Wilson from Alberta, Canada. “I am very excited about the team riders we are talking to. I feel that they will be a very noticeable and high profile group,” says Rehberg.

The buy out will bring with it the knowledge and understanding of the industry by putting Dale Rehberg in charge of the Brand Managementposition, B. K. Norman in charge of Sales, and Maureen Ter Horst doing MarketResearch and Office Management. The new Company will be able to focus more on the individual brands and give each of the brands a true program and direction.

A-Sport Inc. will still be selling the balance of their 2000 inventory. Please contact B. K. Norman at 949-369-0428, and he will process your order through A-Sport until the 2000 inventory is depleted. KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises did not purchase the Accounts Receivable for A-Sport, therefore all payments of A-Sport Invoices should be sent to A-Sport at the following address:

A-Sport Inc.
P. O. Box 421
Redmond, WA 98073