You’ve known them all your life, or at least all of theirs. Quite possibly they look like you, maybe even share similar interests and views. Then again, you could have nothing in common but your parents. Brothers and sisters. Some of us don’t have them, and those of us who do sometimes don’t want them around. Sound harsh? It’s the blood siblings share that makes them less tolerant, as well as impatient, jealous, and competitive with each other. The same blood makes them laugh, smile, experience, and enjoy life-together. They’re family.

The following stories feature several sibling duos who also happen to be accomplished snowboarders. As this article came together, it seemed that snowboarding talent runs through families like freckles, blue eyes, or baldness. There’re so many sibling snowboarders worth mentioning, we became instantly suspicious. Genetics must play a part. Of course, that’s only the speculation of a few editors in Oceanside-some of whom never paid attention in science class much less know anything about modern genetic research. Yet it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? They found a gene that’s predisposed for cancer, why can’t there be one for snowboarding? Nobody’s really looking for it, so who can say it doesn’t exist?

Or maybe riding talent is ultimately enhanced by all the fun, camaraderie, and love that growing up riding with a sibling has to offer.

Nah-I’m telling you, it’s the genetics thing.

-Michael Lucas